My NWA Plane from Amsterdam

I took the Northwest flight from Amsterdam to Memphis yesterday – which was not by choice – the food is poor (dinner presented by HEINZ and a snack from COLEMANS) and I much prefer ANY OTHER AIRLINE. But at least I took it yesterday and not today. A NWA plane left Amsterdam and was returned with 2 fighter planes as escort. Police have detained 12 people. Details here.

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  • The agencies here are in PANIC!
    And they are obsessed with Technology!
    And that just doesn’t work. We will spend billions of dollars now to find a solution for detecting X, but once we reach that the terrorist will use Y, or Z, or A, B, C or a combination of all of the above instead!
    The US agencies are looking for the BOMB but not for the BOMBER!
    The only combination that works in this field is when you mix up Technology with Human Factor. We need to start training selectors in the airport in identifying suspicious behaviour. Random security is worthless! You have to be able to identify the possible terrorist. And believe me, no matter how ideologically brainwashed you are or how convicted you are to your religion, before dying or killing people get nervous. And we must be able to identify this.
    Only then will we be SAFER. Yep, not 100% safe, nor 90% safe like the Israelis, for that we also need Human Intelligence in the process involved in identifying, recruiting, training, and sending a Bomber.
    But with that mixture of Technology and Human Factor we will be safer…and the travelers will not pay the price everytime a new type of explosive or tactic is tested by the terrorists causing the system to PANIC.
    In the meantime, though… it looks like we are going to have to take our security and the security of our loved ones in our own hands. There are many things one can do in order to increase one’s safety should something occur. An excellent source for this can be found at

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