Tennessee Emerging Church Discussion – Wednesday?

Some nice people in Chattanooga want to take me out for BBQ dinner and discuss the emerging church. There may be room for one or two more. Wednesday at 7pm. If you are interested in coming along, send me an email and tell me why you would like to be there and i will forward it on to Mike.


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  • The tall skinny one is only one state away – I think I can feel the deep resonant vibes of the Kingdom… hmmmmmmmmm hmmmmm
    You know a place you can pit-stop to use the bathroom or eat if you end up coming through Lexington, Kentucky. Peace to you and your barbecue.

  • heh, i’ll wave from montgomery, alabama. i hope it’s A LOT cooler there than it is here. it’s a wet furnace here. yuk. blessings on your trip.

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