Greenbelt Festival

I am in Cheltenham right now at Greenbelt Festival. 20,000 people here but it seems like more. Good spirit. Greenbelt photos are being uploaded to Flickr with ‘greenbelt2006’ tag.

Right now i am blogging at the Contributors Lounge and sitting next to Eliz from folk-hip band Nizlopi – who had a Number One hit “The JCB Song“. They perform tonight on main stage.

Ian Mobsey (Moot) was preparing his teaching on emerging church a few minutes ago and is now teaching. I tried to get in but its full and they turned me away. Dang nasty of them! I was even helping Ian with his presentation. He will be focusing on the Trinity as a basis for emerging church theology.

Highlights so far:

– Paul told me that a round of hymn-singing in the Organic Beer Tent last night was one of the greatest worship moments ever for him. LOUD MANLY singing raising the canvas roof, verse after verse, wesley and more wesley, people rushing into the tent, all led by someone on a keyboard who was probably drowned out. Paul will be blogging on the experience soon and i will link to it. Makes me wonder if hymn singing in pubs might be something worth bringing back.

– I helped Fuse Factory set up last night and do an audio-visual worship set at New Forms. They have just left for their home in Lausanne but I hope to connect with them next summer on tour through Europe. Fuse Factory’s Bryce and Sam have been friends for years. I slept in their tent last night. Thanks!

Daniel Bedingfield performed last night to a mass [thousands???] of young fans – it looked like a waving shagpile carpet of young people singing along. Bryce and I tried to say hello afterwards – Bryce knows him from YWAM days and I have had some phone chats with him – but it was a bad time and there were teenyboppers everywhere, showing off their phone photos of Daniel, that we decided to try another time. I didn’t realize the guy was so famous. Not bad for a fellow KIWI!

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Shane Claiborne is camping next to me. Nice to see him again. And lots of others. Thanks June for image.

Just looking at the schedule . . . dang! RANDY STONEHILL on right now. Bye!

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Sounds very, very interesting.

  • Matt Page says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for your various posts on Greenbelt. Looks like you went to a lot of the stuff I did. Nice pic of Shane C by the way. He was inspiring as ever eh?

  • Hi Andrew,
    You asked me to drop you a comment when we met after Ikon’s ‘Fundamentalism’, which you missed, but we summarised for you. Here it is.
    Funny thing about their session, which was brilliant by the way. I could have sworn that I had read a summary of it somewhere. It all seemed familiar. I thought it was in Pete Rollins book, but it isn’t. So I’m confused.
    Which seems totally appropriate when I think about Ikon and the things that I beLIEve.

  • You should have tried to connect with Daniel. He’s a good guy and probably could have used a break from the boppers!

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