Tallskinnykiwi Interviews Randy Stonehill

226123212 Ad3F436057 To be honest, my interview failed. Randy Stonehill, after a great set that totally rocked, went backstage and wasnt able to talk to me. In fact, he didnt even know I was there. But my interview with him will be blogged anyway, and in the genre of Chris Farley.

The Interview:

: Randy, you rock! That was excellent. You really WAIL on that guitar. Was that really YOU out there??????

Randy Stonehill
: Ahhhhh .. . yeah.

: Aaah . . shoot. That was a dumb question! Randy, your song “American Fast Food [what a stupid way to die]” was soooooo 20 years before SuperSize Me! I wish you would have sung it today. And “Turning Thirty” was my theme song when I turned 30. And “Shut De Do” is so classic – i used to think it was an old gospel song. But you wrote that in 1983, while driving down a street in Hollywood. Ummm . .. didnt you? Did you REALLY write all those songs?

Randy Stonehill
: Ahhhhh . .. yes. Thats correct, Tallskinnykiwi.

: Coooool!!!!! Wooooowwwww!!!!! That’s AWESOME!

Randy Stonehill: Yeah it is!

Totally AWESOME!!!

Randy Stonehill
: . . . .

: Hey – times up and i have to go. Thanks for a GREAT interview!

Randy Stonehill
: Ahhhhhh . . . .

Ok, thats it. PEACE OUT everyone!!!!!!!

[Disclaimer – this interview never happened because Randy walked out the back. But I came closer to Randy Stonehill than ever before. The previous time was 1985 in Sydney when Randy was playing a concert and I was right outside that venue on the same night. Didnt have enough money to go in, of course, but I saw the people who went in. Saw them up close too.

But tonight . . . I got close enough to RANDY STONEHILL to take that photo on my phone.]

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  • Rodney Olsen says:

    So I guess it would be wrong and un-Christian of me to brag about the time I spent with Randy a few months back.
    I’d better not talk about my phone interview with him before he came to Perth in April or the hour he spent with me in the radio studio on the morning of his concert.
    … and I should definitely avoid posting the URL of my blog post, complete with photos, from the day. http://rodneyolsen.blogspot.com/2006/04/what-day.html

  • I played guitar in Randy’s band for a while back in the day. He is a very funny guy and great performer. I’m trying to get a hold of him now to encourage him to blog.

  • Rodney Olsen says:

    OK Chuckk, you win. 🙂

  • hey you guys . . shuttup and go away. and NEVER comment on this site again!!!
    your banned! both of you. and anyone else that has met Randy or talked to him in ANY WAY!!!!

  • rudy says:

    I see you went to the Chris Farley School of Interviewing

  • rudy says:

    duh, i’ve been caught reading your post backward… i posted my farley comment, THEN read the start of your post… what a knuck i am… but glad you got close to The Stonehill

  • ok rudy. we all know u b a knuck anyway.
    wish u could be here at greenbelt with me . . .

  • dan h. says:

    At the risk of being banned… I once gave Randy a ride to the airport. 🙂 But seriously (I did give him a ride), thanks for jogging my memory. His was the first Christian concert I ever attended; and he was the first person who, when he spoke, I felt like he had read my mind and was speaking directly to me. That was like 18 years ago. Ah… the memories. Off to my banning.

  • yeah . . . you BETTER run!!!!!!

  • suzanna Bond says:

    I have never met Randy Stonehill, nor have I even gotten as close as you. You should feel a little better now…
    You are still The Man cause you found this awesome string-laden video of a song I could still totally sing along with from my formative years.
    It is now posted on my myspace for the up and coming who now rock my world.

  • Cathryn says:

    oh. my… the song “rubber canoe” is floating in my head…wonder where Benny Hester is!? Turning 30- dang i started singing it and remembered 3/4 of the song… THEN… hit the link…. Dang i saw him at Northeastern Bible college…. back in the early 80’s…….. now i’m verging on turning 40!!! Thanks for the nostalgic mind sweep…. woosh… xoxox shalom, Cathryn

  • robbymac says:

    I had tea with Randy before his set at a festival on Vancouver Island a few years back, after Randy got me to tune his guitar for him.
    Wonderful guy. My first Christian album was “Welcome To Paradise”, so it was a real treat to meet him in person backstage and to spend some fun moments (and good tea) with him before he went on stage.
    Go ahead. Ban me… 🙂

  • david v says:

    randy’s great however he stole a song i gave him to critique for me called ” I will remember you”
    Not cool!

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