I’m Sick

I am sick. Its a flu and its not pretty.

I have nursed my family through 4 days of horizon flu suffering and now its my turn. Really sore throat. Tired. Aching body. I expect to be grouchy and groggy for the next few days. But at least it didn’t hit me until my family made it through. Now they get to look after me.


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  • brian says:

    yep, it’s going around, I just came back to life after the flu bug went through our fam. Hope you have a quick recovery.

  • justin says:

    had it bad 3 weeks ago. one minute i was fine, the next, not so much. thought it was going down and it ended up (tee hee) going back up. spent the night with a trash can for an additional bedmate.
    however, i must say, one of the coolest things is when you find yourself face first in the toilet and your wife who loves you enough to stay with you and ride it out, opts to give you a back rub in the middle of your pathetic wretching. yes, my global friends, my wife rocks.
    may you be blessed in your sickness with the love of your family.

  • Aj says:

    🙁 Sleep, healing, and time to read good books wished to you.

  • I am sick too and hope you feel better soon!

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