Thoughts from a Spa


I just love spas. I have my best thoughts in spas and any strategic conversation that happens in spas is generally ten times more valuable that whatever is discussed in a boardroom. And this spa in Texas is one of my favorites.


I should say, right at the outset, that this particular spa is no longer one of ill-repute. But it used to be. The new owners say this house was a sister casino to The Chicken Ranch, the longest running brothel in USA and inspiration for the musical “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”


But that was ancient history. The house is now owned by Tony and Felicity Dale who transformed it into a livable home and ministry base for House2House magazine. It has a great spa, a big pool . . . and an unusually large number of BEDROOMS for guests. Like me when I am passing through.

The story continues here at Next-Wave.

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  • Andrew Jones and spas

    Randy, apparently you need to have a talk with your friend Andrew Jones. Hes posted something on his blog about the virtues of a spa as the ideal location for discussions about house churches. Specifically a spa in Austin.
    I think you need to l…

  • justin says:

    ironically, i read the story this moorning before i saw this post. glad you got time with the dale’s. such good people with such a huge vision. evidently they are hosting a conference call this monday night (9th) and they have info on their site at
    sadly, i can’t join in but maybe someone can make use of the time.

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