2 House Church Books

2 Books and 1 Conference call

Theglobalhousechurchmovement1. The Global House Church Movement arrived a few days ago. Canadian Rad Zhero has done a good job is writing a well-rounded full-bodied yet compact little book on house church. He covers history, theology, practice, and almost everything you need to know. I feel the title of the book is a little enthusiastic for the global coverage he gives – I expected to be a lot wiser about international house church movements and instead found myself reading about movements that i already know of. Still, its a worthwhile book and at least as comprehensive and balanced as any other book on house church out there right now. And if you live in Canada, you probably already have this book.

Army For Store2. An Army of Ordinary People. This is the book I mentioned yesterday in My Thoughts from a Spa. Author Felicity Dale gave me the book a few months ago in Austin, Texas. Earlier that day, she had been packing up 1500 of these books to send over to Rick Warren for the hurricane victims. As I have said, its a good book and there are plenty of stories of ordinary people who found themselves caught up in this movement, transforming their living room into a strategic lighthouse for their neighborhood. Not super qualified people. Not superheroes. Just ordinary people becoming a part of something extra-ordinary.

3. A house church related conference call on Monday Jan 9, 9pm Central Time. You are invited to jump in if you want to be a part of the house church conversation in North America. Hosted by House2House and Dawn North America. Details and downloadable Powerpoint are here.

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  • Mark Berry says:

    OK I’m prepared to be shot down in flames here… but… sending BOOKS to hurricane victims…?… I struggle with that concept, now I haven’t read the book and I’m sure the people who are distributing the books are also helping in practical ways… but… it just sounds a bit… you know… Mormon/JW/ISKON/Old school… Oh well.

  • andrew jones says:

    i am sure the package had a lot more than books in it.
    i dont know the whole story . . but i think saddleback made a wise choice in this book to be included in whatever pack they put together. its a book of real stories of real people finding that church can happen in their homes with each other.
    do you think rick should have given the refugees a copy of “Purpose Driven Life” (a more natural choice since he could bump his numbers up higher and get some extra press) or the book he chose?
    As for me, i think he chose wisely.

  • Mark Berry says:

    er… no 😉 I wasn’t questioning the choice of book… it just feels (as I said without all the info etc. so I’m not judging them) like the old days of sending tracts to the (to use the old terminology) 3rd World… sorry If I offend, its just a gut reaction. See you on Re:source

  • K Nyquist says:

    I have read many books on House Church but Simson’s Houses That Change the World and Zdero’s book remain my favourites. Zdero is more careful about scripture, I’d say, and more thought-through. But I find both challenging, helpful, and rarely- practised.

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