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Someone smack me if i start using it! Google Blog Search was released an hour ago. Official site is and there’s a good post at SixApart. As for me and my house, I just don’t like the idea of the Almighty Google knowing so much, remembering so much, and having so much power. Being a old stick-in-the-mud as i am, I will stick to


I typepd in “tallskinnykiwi” and the first result was an Alan Hartung post. The rest were all mine, but still . . I would like to control my own tag. Now a search for the same thing on . . . woooohhh . . even worse . . all these strange sites who have mentioned me and mine is not even there. Maybe is worth a look at after all.


Could some geek out there create a search engine box for our blogs that offers AND technorati AND oldskool Google?


| just searched for this post using “tallskinnykiwi, google blog search”. Results:

Technorati: YES

BlogSearchGoogle: NO, not yet.

Technorati Tags:


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  • Google is creeping me out. Especially with the release of Gmail. I even found a site called and got creeped out even further, so I went out and found some search engines that don’t track you, especially after reading this quote by Google CEO Eric Schmidt on June 3, 2005: “Search is a force for peace and a better world. Google will reveal how everybody lives and thinks and speaks and looks and that is beneficial to world peace. Societies get along better when they know/see/ hear more about each other.” Now, i don’t know about you but that quote makes my skin crawl.
    I wrote a post on this stuff if you’re interested:

  • Technorati seems to have brought the competition on themselves by providing some really horrible service. Their search features which should be their core business is really slow at times and then all of the timeout errors. Jason Kottke seemed to kick them to the curb in his post a while ago and since then I have had all sorts of troubles with it. It’s too bad, I liked the little guy but they seem to be way under financed to keep their servers growing at the same rate as blogs.

  • Scott says:

    Jordon is right on. Technorati had it right first, but couldn’t keep up with the demand. However, until Google comes out with a Blog Zeitgeist (similar to their Zeitgeist for search), Technorati is the only thing out there tracking what it being talked about now.

  • I tested it this morning, and Google blogsearch had indexed a post I made less than six hours earlier. I’m impressed. And I doubt Google will crap out like Technorati does during peak hours.
    Really, though, Google should just be decent about it and buy Technorati. Yahoo! will if they don’t.

  • andrew says:

    but guys . .. i have seen technorati pick up posts that are only 15 minutes old – i think it updates more often than Google
    The question is, how many of the 50 million blogs in the world will google searcyh?
    Technorati searches 17 million, i think

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