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UPDATE: OK – I got fooled by an purely satricial article that i found thru AddisonRoad – thanks Bob Hyatt who commented twice before I changed this.

But rather than just delete the whole post and save face, the article called “More Kids Being Home-Churched’ makes me wonder if the term “home-church” will be a substitute for what George Barna is calling ‘Family Faith Journey’ in his book Revolution. The family in the article are probably not real, but I have come across real families who are bringing church back into their homes. Even done it myself . . I mean . . ourselves.

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Home church, as in the genre of “home-school” is different than house church and simple church. It is a return to the OIKOS (extended household) as a base for spiritual resourcing. Barna believes 5% of Americans worship this way. I think its larger, but harder to detect. If the word “home church” will be adopted, I recommend using home-church with a dash because it is much easier to track when data mining the internet, making it easy for home-church people to connect with each other online.

How’s that for making a blog post out of an embarrassing situation? Thanks Bob for rescuing me. Bob Hyatt, ladies and gentleman, a man still coming to terms with Saddlebacks’s Video Venues and Emergent facial hair styles.


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