Studio 8

Studio 8Studio 8 β€œthe biggest software release in the history of Macromedia.” which BTW has a killer new website – looks like Hillman Curtis is up to his old tricks again on that flash header. [let me just check . . . doesn’t say on his site . . . anyone know who designed it?]

I bought Studio 3 back in 2000 – it only came with Dreamweaver and Fireworks, but it was a great start. I still use Fireworks as my primary graphics program. I don’t think this new set will compete with Adobe Creative Suite with the graphic artist crowd, but I think many web designers and geeks will upgrade. And yes, I know its the same company now that Adobe bought Macromedia. What say you about the Studio?

HT: MacWorld.


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  • Malcolm says:

    I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it mid september πŸ™‚

  • Joshua Rudd says:

    i find it interesting that they dropped Freehand from their Studio lineup.

  • andrew says:

    i never liked Freehand so i wont miss it

  • Jon Green says:

    Freehand is a very useful bit of software. The good thing about using it as part of the Studio is that the menu’s and shortcuts are similar throughout Fireworks too. Shame they have dropped it – but you can understand why with the Adobe merger!
    I can’t wait for Studio 8 though! I’m especially looking forward to better .css rendering/control and the ability to drop flash video into webpages with full controls. I just hope the mac version is as well supported as the PeeCee version!

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