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  • i just took a look but i find it hard to get through the first paragraph. . .
    “There is a growing movement within the evangelical church. Titled “the Emergent Church” (or EC for short), this growing group of churches can be defined by a disenchantment with modernity, a deconstruction of commonly held beliefs for the purpose of dialogue between differing traditions within Christianity, a rejection of various forms of ministry adopted by the church in the second half of the twentieth century, and a questioning of . . ”
    now THAT does NOT describe this thing that i am sacrificing so much for – where did he get that definition from?
    If thats the emerging church, then i am not part of it.

  • This kind of thing has been going on in the CRC ever since their formulation of the three points of common grace. This has led to a blurring of the antithesis. There are some good articles about the split that happened in the CRC on this web site.

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