My Random Son Wins a T-Shirt

Sam just won a signed T-Shirt from HabboHotel for sending in the most random of random objects – a homemade loaf of blue liquid bread that dissolves metal. Sam, who is now 14, has been a regular on habbo hotel, and is responsible for setting up Suddenly Seminary each time we meet. His own rooms include a Random room, and garage-stores where he sells collectible virtual furniture. Sam is a trader – he buys and sells online, and manages to make enough virtual money to buy virtual furniture for his virtual rooms. Which is fine by me – I always seem to have an abundance of virtual objects for my seminary. Now if only he could do that in the real world!!!

Samhabbo1 Samhabbo2


Sam (‘sjmj’ with red hood) at the Suddenly Seminary Graduation Party where he invented the game of jumping out of the phonebooth and into the hot-tub. I was the first to jump WITHOUT spilling my coffee. Samuel, despite winning the T-Shirt, was banned from the game by accident and has not been able to play again.

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • My 11 year old habbo regular daughter is quite impressed with Sam’s shirt and accomplishments. What an unusual world habbo is.

  • it really is quite impressive
    the t-shirt is signed by all the leaders of Habbo Hotel with nice messages on it – he is really buzzed
    of course he is habbo-geeky enough to recognize the names on the T-shirt

  • Hi Andrew,
    Is there a remedy for him to get back? I didn’t quite get whether he was banned from Habbo altogether or just that particular game.
    BTW, does he have a blog? Is it public? I think your son is teaching you lot :))) Have a fun day on beautiful Orkney! Praying for your (flight)support. g from Budapest

  • banned by an accident and unable to get back at all under his own name (with his large account0
    very sad
    he is spending more time at runescape now – much bigger game

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