George Barna’s Revolution: A Review

Right – George Barna’s book “Revolution” arrived a few days ago – advance copy – thanks David Robinson – and I have read it a few times. Its not a large book at all – light, short, to the point, and unfortunately lacking in references to other books or researchers. More cul-de-sac than connection-hub. But what he says could indeed be considered revolutionary, it certainly is a change of strategy for him, and it will be for many ministers and leaders who read the book. Especially the part about followers of Jesus who progress spiritually WITHOUT going to a local congregation – a group of people that will grow from 30% to around 70% in the next 20 years, making the FRINGE Christians the MAJORITY, and giving churches a good reason to rethink the next building program, and Seminaries to rethink their aggressive recruiting strategies.

Well, actually, those repercussions are mine, not Barna’s. But his book informed them. And Barna does a good job in softening the blow to the traditional church with gentleness and honor, while at the same time giving a case for the necessity of other forms (housechurch/simplechurch, cyberchurch, family-faith, emergent, postmodern, mini-movements, etc).

I met George Barna only once. He spoke at a Seminary I was studying at in 1988 and I helped him get back to the airport. I was a huge fan of his books (User Friendly Churches, The Frog in the Kettle) and of the man. I even considered going into research at the time, but decided to be a practitioner instead. Anyway – I have always liked and respected the man. And now that he has confessed the lack of progress in the last 20 years and is naming some of the trends that are close to me, I like him even more.

I will get straight to what I believe is the heart of the book. The revolution George speaks of involves a radical shift from the local church being the primary spiritual caretaker of believers in USA to other emerging forms of church having equal allegiance. Barna names 4 ways that Americans will experience and express their faith and how that will change . .. ohhh heck – let me do a chart that mimics the chart in the book . . . I know you older people like charts. Gimme a minute here . . . Forgive me George if I am breaking protocol . . .


[Ok –  please leave the chart here – don’t go viral on it. Its just a conversation piece until you can buy the book. And the final copy might not have these exact numbers.]

Barna’s book, in my opinion, is an attempt to explain these numbers, the cultural trends that are influencing this trend, the possibility of having a spiritual life without the congregation, and the kind of people who will lead this radical upheaval. He calls them ‘revolutionaries’. And many of them are currently kids.

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I don’t think this is news for the emerging church people already involved in house church, internet based church, nu-monaticism and other forms – we can see these changes already, and many writers and researches have already said it. But it is very helpful when the “most quoted person in the Christian Church today” names it, publishes his findings in a book categorized under “Emerging Church” and puts a few numbers behind what he is saying.

And Its helpful to have an American say it also since most of the other voices are coming from other countries. And none of those researchers have painted such a clear scenario for the future.

As for me, I have no problem at all with Barna’s numbers, both present and future. And I have to confess an element of delight that he would put this in print.

– Great to see him use the word “aggregation” – a word I have been substituting for ‘congregation’ since last year.

– Great to see him talk about family faith experience as a holistic model of church. I hope the number will be greater than 5% when we get to 2025.

But I would differ on two small points in his book, neither one worth squabbling over:

1. I don’t see these changes as rising primarily from key individuals, as in past revolutions, but rather from the emergent behavior of a much smarter, better equipped demographic. Small, invisible increments of change across the board, from a mass of people empowered to make changes. Evolutionary, more than revolutionary. And it may be congenial rather than abrupt and radical.

2. It wont be as rigidly defined. The expressions of our faith will be more modular than singular. A higher level of fluidity between the 4 forms will make the boxes less rigid and much harder to identify. Even as I write this in 2005, the spiritual life of my family is equally spread between the four means of expression, without any of them taking the primary role.

But I have to voice my disagreements, lest people accuse me of being a giddy Barna fan, which might be somewhat true.

Conclusion: The book is tight, concise and offers a realistic future scenario that leaders need to read. But it is very small (think of one man behind a desk talking to himself), it avoids the global conversation that could inform and reinforce it, and unless it gets beefed up before the final edit, it lacks a decent bibliography – which is why i have recommended some books at the end of this post.

I would recommend it as a first base book for those wondering what the emerging church is all about, and for those trying to explain these new forms of church to their superiors and are looking for someone recognizable and authoritative to quote. Those looking to get to second base in these new emerging forms will need to go much further.

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David Robinson

Jason Clark

Related Reading 

You might have to wait a month or two before you get your copy of Revolution [you poor sods!] but in the meantime, there are other books and resources that will round out your experience.

– The most obvious book that will no doubt  rise up on the long tail of Barna’s Revolution is Kiwi Alan Jamieson’s  A Churchess Faith. I was with him last year in London at Jason’s church. Alan’s research and description of this transitional journey is the best yet, despite his book having the cheesiest cover in the history of publishing.

– James Thwaites “The Curch Beyond the Congregation” helps Aussies explore their spirituality outside the confines of the local church and suggests a Hebraic way of thinking to match it.

– Robert Wuthnow did an excellent research in USA, published in All In Sync: How Music and Art are Revitalizing American Religion (see my review in Christianity Today) Wuthnow saw the writing on the wall but did not see it as a positive thing. “The idea of spirituality being pursued outside of organized religion is both plausible and worrisome.” Still his research unearthed some similar results to Barna’s, in particular the reality of Americans expressing their faith in contexts outside the church and it forms not often acknowledged by the church (cooking, traveling, etc)

– For those in UK, Peter Brierley’s research has uncovered similar trends in UK, although more entrenched. Peter told me that he believes there are more believers outside the church structure in UK than inside.

– Patrick Johnstone’s “The Church is Bigger Than You Think” also looks at models outside the dominant ecclesiastic structure.

For those of you too cheap to buy a book or too impatient to wait, there are internet resources:

– Andrew Careaga on Barna’s Cyberchurch prediction (1998) is a good start.

Reinhold Scharnowski, DAWN Europe, wrote about  Christians Without Churches.

– Wolfgang Simson’s “Houses That Change The World” is a perenial. Download here.

– In my Post-Modern Time Capsule, 2001, I said that two of the significant developments were: (6) Churchless believers got more vocal. and (9) the House Churches got more organized.

My Gripes About House Church is a few years old but still kicking.

–  I might be mistaken, but Peter Caldor’s research and National Life Survey in Australia is focused inside congregational life. Although I did come across this recently –  Emerging Church Research in Australia

Lots more but I have to go. More later on this week. What are your initial thoughts?

UPDATE: Jan 2008 – Check out George’s new book where he takes this further – Pagan Christianity?


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Andrew,
    Thanks for this. Nice piece on your part.

  • Thanks heaps! I think the book will serve me well in discussing these realities as our “parachurch” in Canada in concerned. Thanks again.

  • Ed C says:

    Thanks for passing along this info and for giving a very helpful review.
    While there are dangers of people taking control of church in any model or form of gathering, it would seem that we have an opportunity to open ourselves to however God wants to move his church. That’s both freeing and challenging. If Barna (among many others) is right, it would seem that we need to start praying for an increase in faith.
    It’s also nice to know that my own struggles with belonging in a church are part of a larger trend.

  • grace says:

    Could you briefly explain family faith as a holistic model of church? Thanks!

  • andrew says:

    Barna says ” The family faith experience is a third holistic model, in which the family becomes a primary spiritual unit and pursues faith matters together, with the parents and their children (and, often, members of the extended family) becoming a close-knit faith community”
    I was thrilled to see barna mention this. it reminds me of the idea of Oikos (household) in the book of acts – this family unit could easily be the base of a house church but barna identifies it as distinct from it . . which is fine by me.

  • grace says:

    I like the primary focus on the household first. And yes, then an extension of that to others, who are included as part of the family, would be more like a house church.
    It just seems right that our family would be the first priority and responsibility, and everything else would be an outflow from that.
    Thanks so much!

  • So, where will they find a place to belong?

    As the years march on, more and more people will find themselves outside church walls. How will the church respond?
    If you’re a chart/statistics person, start by reading this. It’s a review of George Barna’s upcoming book by Andrew Jones, a leadin…

  • Yikes! I’m really sorry about the trackback quadruplication. Haloscan never showed it going through, so I can’t delete the extras. Feel free to kill them!
    Thanks for your writing and your heart, and for the comment on my blog. Again, sorry for the error.

  • Thanks for your comment on my blog and for the review of Barna’s book. It appears that I originally heard about it from you on Urban Onramps. Someday I am going to figure out how to use the trackback feature so that I can properly linke back to folks. Keep up the interesting blogging. I’ll check back in with you from time to time.

  • Timothy Wright says:

    I like the idea of Family but so many people I know are divorced, never married, alone, etc…..They need a family. We need to adopt these people into our family, forever and ever, like Jesus.
    Great insights Andrew. Love your Blog

  • Rod Garvin says:

    It is becoming increasingly evident that this wrestlessness among so many Christians is not a function of consumer dissatisfaction (which seems to be more the case with some, but definitely not all believers who flock to megachurches), but is truly in concert with the present movement of God’s spirit.
    As to whether or not this latest paradigm shift is revolutionary, I say that the Gospel itself is revolutionary and each generation has an opportunity to be a part of yet another dimension God’s radical redemption project. Also, I believe that Luther taught us that there is a fine line between Reform (or “Evolution”) and Revolution. And one trend is often informed by the other. I look forward to reading the book.

  • andrew says:

    thanks rod – well said
    i heard Pastor Sam Williams (ex-Barin Marin Church, San Rafael) say 10 years ago that there was a spiritual movement from God going on . . . but the church was not a part of it.

  • Barna’s new book, and what it is saying about how we do church…..

    George Barna has a new book coming out, The Revolution, and it has been causing quite a stir from what I can gather in the advanced readings of it. Smart Christian has been blogging about it, and has pointed us…

  • Barna’s new book, and what it is saying about how we do church…..

    George Barna has a new book coming out, The Revolution, and it has been causing quite a stir from what I can gather in the advanced readings of it. Smart Christian has been blogging about it, and has pointed us…

  • Revolution, chapter 5

    Chapter 5 of Revolution is titled Spiritual transitions in the making. Barna describes societal trends which have an impact on how people approach faith and spirituality. In such a short space, his treatment of each trend is naturally ra…

  • rod costner says:

    The church is an organism, not an organization (borrowed). Therefore, the church is not going away. It make look and sound different, but whenever someone chooses to follow Christ they become a member of the Church. As I read the New Testament, followers are also called to meet together locally for worship, fellowship and service (Acts 2:42-47). Whether they meet in a house or a dedicated facility, they are the church. I would contend that if Mr. Barna is trying to make a case for being a follower of Christ without being a member of a local body, then he simply has no Sciptural legs to stand on. I don’t want to be a part of a church that is traditional, contemporary, modern, post-modern, Gen-X, Emergent, Emerging or Cyber: I want to be a part of a church that is New Testanent. Yes, I understand the need to be relevant, but I also understand the need to be cautious when being influenced by the latest ecclesiastical gurus. By the way, “Emergent” is just the latest buzz word, and when the “emerging church” is examined it is alarming to see that a lot of it is just liberalism and cynicism in an artsy package with candles. People really need to take a look at some of the theology behind “emergent.” I agree very much with some of Brian McLaren’s methodology, but if you read “A Generous Orthodoxy” you realize very quickly that his theology is anything but orthodox. It reads more like a hybrid theology based on the sayings of Jesus, combined with Universalism and the thinking behind Green Peace. I have no problem with Mr. Barna challenging the church to be the church according to the New Testament model. But I also believe that Mr. Barna’s most prevocative conclusions remind me of how back in the 80’s experts predicted certain death for movie theaters because of the advent of the VCR. We have gone from vhs/beta>VHS>laser disc>DVD and now digital recorders and still people enjoy the dynamics of viewing a movie in a theater with others (when the product is worthy).

  • Marc Wildman says:

    I am taking a look at George Barna’s Book, The Revolution. As Mr. Wright above pointed out, I do not beleive in reformations or revolutions, as God has been about the business of reforming His Church all along. We are just now lining up! It is similiar to the fulcrum theory: One day the weight shifts, and we all find ourselves on the other side of the harvest. Same harvest, just more laborers adhering to God’s ajenda and not their own! The Holy Spirit has always been working in and through the Body in regards to individuals and corporately. I can tell you this from personal experience, I as a Worship Leader on staff, left the corporate Body over seven years ago, as I/we opted for the wilderness instead of continuing to play Church, build buildings and make a name for someone else’s vision. The harvest is ripe and the laborers are simply getting a wake up call, that is all. I can tell you one more thing: It is not the perfect will of God for anyone to seperate themselves from the Body, as I have recently returned to Body Life with my Family, and love was the annointing that broke the yoke to set me/us free. Free from the bitterness, anger and frustration, as in the past we had been an integral part of corporations not Churches. I came back to love, share, teach, guide and be a servant not a leader. The Love of Jesus Christ can, and must reign supreme in every man, woman and child who calls themselves a Christian or Beleiver in Christ! If this is a “Love Revolution”, then count me in!
    Marc Wildman


    Book Review – Revolution by George Barna

    Let me begin this review of George Barna’s book Revolution with a few apologies. The first is that this post is so absurdly long that it hardly deserves to be called a blog post. If anyone makes it to the


    Book Review – Revolution by George Barna

    Let me begin this review of George Barna’s book Revolution with a few apologies. The first is that this post is so absurdly long that it hardly deserves to be called a blog post. If anyone makes it to the

  • Jim says:

    I haven’t read the book yet, but was intrigued by the summary i saw on the website, however i agree with Mr. wildman in regards to the holy spirit being in the business of reforming the church (that is the visible church) It is my understanding that the real church or body of Christ is in spiritual form, and can only be affirmed by the revelation of how the spirit is moving in these last days,i was hoping that the book would explain to those who hold fast to their church sctructure or should i say corporation, as a basis of holiness, that the holy spirit is revealing that God has begun moving outside the old understanding of Church and is currently calling those who worship him in spirit and truth, i disagree that we have another twenty years left to see the revolution or the emerging of this new radical movement, any one who sees that as being the basis of the way the Holy spirit is moving, is missing the point.

  • Dan McGowan says:

    one of the common complaints about Barna’s new book is that he is telling people to leave the church.
    Too bad this is not true. This is not what Barna is saying. This is how what he is saying is being misintepreted and/or twisted, for the sole purpose of dismissing his comments as heretical.
    He never says “leave the church.” Barna is calling us to “BE the church” which is quite different. And his position is that the “local church” or “organized church” or whatever you want to call it, is not doing an effective job of actually and realistically BEING the church – and therefore, people are leaving, and others won’t even step through the doors. It has nothing to do with style wants and wishes – it has to do with BEING the church Christ calls us to be.
    In my opinion, Barna makes a great case for us to, at the very least, EXAMINE these trends and see what God might be challenging us to do with them… let’s not dismiss this yet.

  • George Barna, Revolution

    George Barna, professional pulse-taker of all things societal and ecclesial, boldly claims in his new work, Revolution (2005) that there is
    a single trend that is already redefining faith and the Church in our country. It isan explosion of sp…

  • Great site! Thanks for the Barna book review.
    I’ve just written a simple, fun beginner’s book on worldviews called Blah, Blah, Blah: Making Sense of the World’s Spiritual Chatter.
    If you go to my website you can read all about it and download the first three chapters. I’d love it if you’d share your thoughts on my blog or through email.

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  • Is there a graph on how the population expresses their religious their faith in times of depression or war? Because it seems like we’re headed in one of those directions.

  • Joesph Longo says:

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