End of Week Links

Postmodern Ministry Takes Us Back To The Bible, a good article by David Posthuma. Thanks Debra Watkins (from my home church Austin First Baptist)

– “Church growth conference helps pastors feel like miserable failures” (Link)

– Dan Phillips is blogging from the Thomas Merton Retreat this weekend

Embracing the Gift, CIVA conference June 16-18

Nemi cartoon on predestination

– Steve Taylor tries “Transitional Church” on for size (thanks AJ)

– Betachurch.org critiques the website of Mars Hill in Seattle. Lets hope they don’t come after our ugly blogs!


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  • What a great article by David Posthuma. i think, though, for myself and many others, we are struggling with how to read the Bible and apply it to our lives without reading it literally. This is what i see lacking in this conversation. We keep hearing about authenticity, being missional, loving people where they are, and finding ourselves in God’s story, but part of discipleship and spiritual formation is reading the Bible. Honestly, this is where i really struggle. i either find it boring and dry, or am lost because i am not sure what to do with it.
    Thanx for the links, Andrew.

  • PlaidBerry says:

    Postmodern Medicine – Take Two

    As for postmodern culture, it seems to stress authenticity in place of the all too common pre-packaged church marketing schemes. I like that. Andrew at Tall Skinny Kiwi pointed out a fine article by David Posthuma entitled, Postmodern Ministry Takes Us…

  • Thanks for plugging the International Thomas Merton Society meeting in San Diego, CA. We had 278 Merton Scholars and some great speakers. Thanks..

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