Getting to Orkney


Hey pilgrims . . . some of you are on your way here and need suggestions. Here are the best ways to get to us.

– Fly to Inverness, catch the bus or train to Thurso, and take the short ferry (90 minutes) which goes 3x a day straight to our little town of Stromness.

– Get to Aberdeen (easyjet?) and take the long ferry (6 hours) which goes 3-4 times a week. Check timestable at

Northlink Ferries If you really want an authentic pilgrimage to Orkney, i suggest sailing on one of the ferries across. If you have to fly, then come into KOI (Kirkwall, Orkney) on British Airways. But really . .. a significant part of your pilgrimage will be your journey itself so make the most of your travel time.


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