Hello A9. Bye Google?

logo-a9 The A9.com search engine from Amazon just got released. WWWWwooooooooaaaahhhhhhhh! I’m impressed.
i have always played hard to get with Amazon – not giving them any info about me at all. When i opened my account, all they knew about me was my email address and they were trying to sell me books on dieting, and getting SKINNY.
Well, now they have my number, and all my numbers, and my page ranking, and probably everything else. i typed my name into their search engine, clicked on the first link, and my whole life flashed before my eyes, images and all . . . dang!
We bloggers will now be encouraged to review each others blogs AND we should decide if we want the search engine power and glory to flow to Amazon rather than to Google.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • dan says:

    A9 is Google licensed by Amazon.
    The main Amazon value-add is the Search Inside the Book, the IMB movie database and the personalization (remembering my searches chronologically).
    Until Amazon comes out with its own search engine infrastructure A9 is really a service aggregator. Yahoo did the same thing, btw, only recently coming off of the Google tit.
    I like A9 and look forward to brutal competition in this space.

  • Edward Pillar says:

    phenomenal!! I don’t think i have ever see such a powerful, quick, efficient search engine.
    Thanks Andrew. being completely self obsessed i searched for myself and discovered that I used to exist in a previous life some time in the 18th century. Strange really…but i had always had this sneaky suspicion that i was paying for the sins of a previous me from a previous life..!?

  • Arlen Hanson says:

    They’ve certainly got more on me than Google does. Kinda scary actually.

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  • Sivin Kit says:

    wow! phew … hmmm … awesome! The picture search was a surprise!

  • gareth says:

    umm did a search for Andrew Jones, clicked on the first web link, as you said, and it comes to a guy in the US who is on death row.

  • babbage.tv says:

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    8267 well said ol’ boy!…

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