Extreme Church

i should have taken the plunge like this!!! ajdo this in reeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhh . . .
I was just talking with someone the other day how some young people I baptised in USA requested to ‘plunge’ into the water for a more extreme experience. Well, I guess we have been outdone by a church in New Zealand. Marc Van Der Woude has a great blog posting of a church in NZ that takes communion while they skydive and bungee jump for “extreme baptism”.
Since bungee jumping was invented in New Zealand, I suppose you could call that CONTEXTUALIZATION. Others might call it FUN! As for me, I think its worth me flying down to my home country for a little communion with my homies and a serious REBAPTISM . . . just to make sure i did it right the first time . . . . you know. Read more to see if the story is true or not . . .


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