Mac 2004 predictions

Mac 2004 predictions are pretty lame. When does the G5 iMac debut? G5 powerbook? Somebody tell me something interesting is coming up, or was 2003 and extraodinarily innovative year for Apple?
News of an impending $100 iPod is good, however, and I can finally get one for myself . . I mean . . . my wife.


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  • Steve K. says:

    Yeah, it’s kind of scary that Apple basically made all of its money this year on iPods and iTunes. It really doesn’t bode well for future PC upgrades. Anyway, as pathetic as I know it is, I’m selling some of my books on Amazon right now in an attempt to raise $100 or so bucks by January 6 so I can purchase one of those “mini iPods” when they come available. I’m getting close too … I can almost taste it …

  • nathan says:

    word on the street is that the G5 chips run much too hot at this time to put in their all-in-one’s or laptops. Until they find a way to cool the chips, or structure them in a way that cools them down, they’re stuck in the towers. So 2004 probably won’t see the next evolution of the g5.

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