UK men forgotten how to act like Gentlemen

Email newsletter this morning from Mark Hall, Director of Socked.

mark driscoll would like this


A recent study by, the black sock subscription service for discerning gentlemen, highlighted the distant lack of manners in today’s society.

  • 46% of men admitted to spitting in public
  • Only 40% of men held doors open for ladies on a regular basis
  • Only a shameful 4% of gentlemen claimed that they never swore in public.

Interesting. Of course I immediately forwarded the email to Mark Driscoll, who will be thrilled to hear that the British men are finally “manning up“.

The email continued . ..‘s five basic tips on how to be a gentleman

1. Look after your appearance

A gentleman would never wear odd socks; you should always take pride in your appearance when you go out in the world because that is a show of respect to the other people around you.

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2. To curse is to be rude

Swearing, as your mother will tell, you is a “no” in all circumstances. By cursing you are merely showing that you have a distinct lack of vocabulary and an inability to express your thoughts appropriately. Furthermore , others will only remember you for your crudeness and vulgarity.

3. Let others speak

Always be courteous and let others finish what they are saying before adding your comments. To break this rule is a sign of poor social skills and a distinct lack of etiquette to both the person talking and to those that are listening. If, however, you want to be seen as rude and egotistical you may do so by interrupting others.

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4. Do not spit

This should go without saying. However, our study shows that 46% of men do this subconsciously. Spitting is horrid habit and to witness it only leads to instant disgust. Do not spit in public under any circumstances unless you want to look like you were raised in a sewer.

5. There is no need to shout

When a person speaks loudly or shouts, it does nothing but to raise the stress levels among your current company and of those who are in close vicinity. It implies that you are rude, show no consideration to others around you and that you cannot reason with others, so you rely instead on brute force in order to get your point across. This will only draw negative attention towards you.


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