Jesus Fresco Messed Up

Hey if you don’t get the joke currently on September’s banner, read the story of the Spanish lady who volunteered to “restore” a fresco of Jesus in a Spanish cathedral. Apparently 30,000 people have turned up to see “Behold the Monkey”. It’s a shame about the fresco, but it turned out to be a potential church growth technique. I wish as many would turn up to hear bad music . . .

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  • Mark O says:

    Looking at the “refreshed” fresco made me think: Perhaps there is some meaning in it? Notice how the eyes have changed.
    On a personal level, I have recently come out of the cold and into the embrace of Christ Jesus and his Truth. If you told me I would be saved like this, even a year ago, I would have laughed. Thus I consider his grace to be a miracle, and I continue to see miracles at work every day. I’m sure others who are saved will attest to an amazing and miraculous series of events which led them to (or back to) God.
    So if miracles are happening and continue to happen every day, why not regard this new painting as an example?
    I can’t help but find new meaning in this new rendition.

  • Andrew says:

    Fantastic. Glad you see the positive side in this.

  • Lot of people might be snarky about it but I bet Jesus was smiling and loving the effort.

  • Justin says:

    Your story is really amazing. Thanks for sharing with us, have fun guy.

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