Bishop-elect rocks the national paper.

The NZ Herald is the country’s leading newspaper so we were holding our breath to see what this weekend’s spread would say.

Not to worry.

In the interview with with our fearless leader Justin Duckworth, who is getting promoted to Bishop of Wellington, Catherine Masters of the NZ Herald does a FABULOUS job of capturing the spirit of our community, Justin’s casual demeanor, and even spotlights our decrepit 17+ year dog named Socks. She gives a realistic and honest view of Wellington’s bishop-elect:

Really, this was a wide-ranging and congenial chat with a 44-year-old who lives and breathes God, where just about every answer to every question can be related to God and where you get the feeling every conceivable discussion about God has already been held, and more than once, around the big kitchen table where this community of roughly 20 permanent residents and its frequent guests gather for meals.

Here the wood fire is kept burning, giving off a warmth matched only by the next Bishop of WellingtonInterview, NZ Herald

Have a read. Refreshing and heart-warming. 

Nz herald bishop interview

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  • Drew says:

    This is too cool. Great article about a great man who follows a great God.
    Thanks for keeping up updated TSK

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