10 Year anniversary of a Christian communal blog

On April 19, 2002, at exactly¬†11.23am, I gathered a few of my blogging friends and launched a commununal blog called A Kingdom Space. The tag line was “A global diablog – stories that are bigger than our own.” Within a very short time, we were about 40 bloggers telling our stories of what God was doing in our countries. A few bloggers got their first taste of blogging on A Kingdom Space and others were quite new at it.

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a kingdom space christian blog communal experiment

Here’s a list of some AKS bloggers that I copied off the WayBackMachine – not all of these links to their own blogs will work but you will recognize some of the names.¬†To everyone on this list, and to the many others that contributed to A Kingdom Space, we thank you and appreciate your efforts not just for blogging, and for snapshotting the emerging church in your countries at that time, but also for being part of shaping the future of the blogosphere.

If you are feeling nostalgic for the early days of Christian blogging, jump into the first month of A Kingdom Space and have a read.

And if you are a budding blog-historian, tell me if you think A Kingdom Space was the world’s first Christian communal blog or if it was preceded by something else that we don’t yet know about.


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