San Francisco next week, but not Seattle

Haight ashbury

I will be in San Francisco for most of next week. I LOVE this city. Three of my children were born here. Working among alt. youth and street kids in the Haight Ashbury was the turning point in our ministry. It will be great to be back. I will be a part of a visual story training event and will also be working on a book with my friend Wolfgang Fernandez. I hope to carve out a morning to connect with mission leaders and experimenters in one of my favorite coffee shops.

I won’t have time to be at Inhabit conference in Seattle, unfortunately – it seems like a great conference and I thank the organizers for their invitation. What I like about it is the framework of the parish for ministry instead of the individual church, a focus that allows more scope for community impact and cooperation among churches rather than competition. And some great speakers also. I expect it to be one of the best USA church conferences in 2012.


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