So what do Aussies REALLY think of the church?

A recent survey from Olive Tree Media shows what Australians think about Christianity.

Survey australian church

Here are the main reasons why Aussies say they don’t go to church:

Church survey christianity and the church

Here’s some doctrines and practices that Australians say block them from church.

Church survey dp

However, the survey showed a surprising knowledge of what Jesus said.

Survey jesus message

Read the whole thing or download a PDF. Olive Tree are producing a series soon.

[HT: Baptists and David Allis theĀ barcode guy]


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  • I think the real experience of negative baggage from the church is becoming second generation, such that people don’t come by it from first hand experience, it’s now simply being filtered through the media. This could be good news because the rejection is not as personal, so perhaps there is room for positive engagement.

  • Theres something subtle missed from the data above. Ive been ill disposed to the church because of seeing it play a role in peoples unhappiness. It’s true you can sometimes trace it back to doctrines but any arguing for the doctrines misses the point. I’m not ideologically disagreeing. I’m looking at joy or the lack of it.
    What’s softened my hostility is seeing people made genuinely happier by church.

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