Is the number 666 really on our barcodes?

A blog reader asked if the number 666 is somehow integrated into the barcodes. This has been a discussion for over 30 years among Christians.


I asked my friend David Allis who is not only a Christian man but is also a leading seller of barcodes, to reply to the question, “Do all barcodes have the number 666 in them?’. He replied immediately [Thanks David]

Nope they don’t. 666 isn’t encoded into all barcodes. However, we can put it in a barcode if you really want it :-)”

Of course I ordered 6 of them. But what about the QR barcode ?

Screen Shot 2012 02 23 at 1 17 46 PM

Looks pretty innocent at first appearance . . . Which is reassuring because this QR code was generated from the TALLSKINNYKIWI URL. Nothing sinister going on here.

Or is there?

Wait a flippin minute . . . WHAT DO I SEE HERE?????????

Barcode 666 qr

Not only is there a BIG DIRTY 666 on this barcode, [HELP ME Jesus!!!!] but I can also see two devil’s horns, Marilyn Manson’s right eye, a backwards masked image of Ozzy Osbourne’s evil cat, and the ISBN number of Hal LIndsay’s “Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth.”

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  • Heck – you can see a lot in that QR code 🙂 …. maybe I should get you to check my CDs also ….
    Maybe the www. of domain names is also shorthand for 666 ….

  • Wow, did you just send me to the site of dial-the-truth ministries on that’s very evil, I think 666 is doing its work already…

  • lol, just started reading your blog recently as I’m new to New Zealand and thought for a moment that this guy’s lost the plot!!

  • Hey,
    I don’t see those numbers.. Maybe it’s just me.
    But yea, the devil is at work and it continuously penetrate almost everything we have here on earth.
    That is in the bible. The devil will reign here on earth.

  • Thanks for a very informative post. I love your humor! 🙂 BTW Jacques Ellul in his excellent commentary called “L’Apocalypse”, wrote that The Book of Revelation was fulfilled in the first Century AD. I agree with his assessment. Really now, who knows the future?! I say, embrace mystery and grace!
    Keep it up!!

  • Hey thanks for your answers guys (I was the one who asked the question) – I really appreciate it 🙂

  • Do the alignment boxes have any documentation I coded in them at all, or does the scanner just read them as a box? I only ask because Christian sites are now saying that these boxes contain 6’s. I guess because there are three of them on each QR code— can your friend tell us more about this so this idiocy can be debunked as well?

  • he say is a coincidence ,just like the fact that his 3 names have each 6 letters .well mister george joseph laurer .the bible says that 666 is the number of HIS NAME. so maybe is the number of your name,just like bible says so. unwillingly, you just confirmed bible prophecy by giving the example of your name.

  • it is right there, on the buying and selling codes. the start, center, and end markers …. in which all numbers are in between …. are the number six. can not be too bright, not to know that.

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