What is the world’s coolest church?

At sub-zero temperatures, Germany’s igloo snow church that opened this week is by far the coolest and the coldest I have ever heard of. 49,000 blocks of ice and snow make up this church that resembles a similar structure built a hundred years ago when people wanted a church closer to home.

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  • Jon Reid says:

    I read this on CNN with the headline, “Church built of snow.” I sighed, and thought, “That’s remarkable. I always thought a church was built of people.” But the better part of me sighed again and thought, “No, a word means whatever people want it to mean, and the #1 dictionary definition is, ‘a building used for public Christian worship.'”
    So I’m curious Andrew, have you found a different word that works? When I say “Jesus community” people kind of stare at me.

  • Draven says:

    That is pretty cool.

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