A Christmas story: God has answered

At Christmas, we remember the day when God answered the world’s longing for a Saviour. Like the old man Simeon who was “waiting for the consolation of Israel”, the world was holding its breath awaiting the fulfillment of ancient prophecy.

This Christmas, a baby girl with special needs needed a family to adopt her.

The baby had Down Syndrome as well as a serious heart defect and finding the right family was not easy. But the search ended with Kirk and Sandi Brannock, who are featured in today’s Oregon Live. Already caring for 5 children, including one with cerebal palsy and another with Down Syndrome, this family officially adopted her on Friday after 5 months of paperwork and administration.

They named her Elyana which means “God has answered”.


This story is close to home. Sandi Brannock is my wife’s sister. I just saw baby Elyana on Skype, celebrating her first Christmas with her new family.

Read the article here: A Washington County family of eight celebrates a Christmas gift, an adopted baby girl with Down syndrome.

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