PassionFest 2012 in New Zealand

Last summer we were at Parachute Festival as well as PassionFest. But this summer our family will only be at PassionFest who have asked me to teach a workshop. I offered to speak at Parachute but they already have their speakers this year and don't need me. [sob sob]

They are very different festivals, as far as Christian festivals in NZ are concerned. Parachute is much larger, better known among the mainstream Christian crowd, and offers a larger program of music. I was impressed to see the PM John Key speaking last year.

PassionFest is much smaller, more intimate, fringier, a little rough around the edges and it attracts a different group of people – artists, justice lovers, "emerging church" types, monastics, those serving God among the poor. It takes place on one of my favourite contemporary monasteries.


So, people, and blog readers, this summer we can hook up at PassionFest, Feb 24-26. Bring a tent and sleeping bag. Should be fun and the barn dance is legendary. My favourite part is the hangi, a Maori feast cooked in the ground.

You will also hear my friend Sam Chapman, Christian Maori leader and New Zealander of the year, who I met in South Africa last year at Lausanne and have quoted before here on tallskinnykiwi. And if you are up for it, I will be teaching a workshop on something. Not sure what just yet. Last year I think I taught "Blogging for Activists"

{added: I will NOT be teaching a workshop at PassionFest this year because I might be in Turkey}

PassionFest describes itself as

"A celebration of Hope and Justice. Workshops music and community in a festival atmoshphere.  Three days of talk, laughter, crafts, sport and food. . . .Expect to be inspired, nourished, and entertained through speakers, workshops, music, drumming circles, fire performance, art space, spoken word, hangi, and much much more."

Related: A few months ago I spoke 3 times at Cornerstone Festival in USA including a mind-altering talk on blogging, nomadic, couch surfing apostles. I might do something similar if there is interest.

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