Enjoying Egypt

I am still in Egypt. Having a great time. Yesterday our group went out to see the pyramids and ride a camel into the Sahara. I don’t usually do the tourist thing but this one made sense. The pyramids are fantastic.

Camel sahara

Here’s our tour group on camels.


As for tourism in Egypt, now is a great time to come. The tourism industry is down 90% at the moment, mainly because of the revolution, which means there is plenty of space and it’s not as crowded. And its pretty safe, as long as you keep away from the main square on Fridays.

We had a fantastic tour of both the pyramids and the Cairo museum by Ibrahmim Morgan, an egyptologist and historian.

Ibrahim tourist guide cairo egyptologist

This is Ibrahim getting passionate about the stone blocks that were put there approximately 4,700 years ago. Ibrahim can be contacted for tours, airport pick-ups etc,. email him at: morgan_eg at yahoo dot com He speaks English and German very well. I highly recommend him.


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