Egypt: Ev. church treating victims

I just spent a week and a half in Cairo, Egypt. People have asked me what’s behind all the violence – is it the Christians or the Muslims?


This is more political than it is religious. Muslims are standing up for Christians and vice versa. It’s not hard to figure out who or what is behind it. Just follow the money trail. People are being paid to beat up other people, and for their own gain.

” . . . there were consistent reports of security forces employing armed “thugs” to attack protesters.” Guardian [Good article]

I left Egypt a few days ago but my friends are keeping me informed. As well as confirming that there is a CEASEFIRE [thanks God!], here is some news:

“As for Tahrir, a ceasefire has been declared and it’s all peaceful in the Square (at the moment)…I was with S. and he got off at Sadat station to join the demo…he was meeting a friend at Kasra Dobara, the large evangelical church behind the Mogamma building…apparently, the church has set up a clinic and medical centre to treat wounded and dying…”

Egypt beating christians

Here’s a picture by my friend A.S., showing victims of riot police brutality being treated in front of the courtyard at Kasra Dubara Evangelical Church […hands on Christianity…says Wally, who sent me the picture]. For some light and entertaining reading, Wally recommends: Islamic Televangelists

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