Coptic Cross Tattoo

My Coptic cross tattoo was quite a spontaneous decision, a spur of the moment thing, but it made sense.

Tattoo coptic cario

The Coptic cross, tattooed on the right wrist, is an ancient tradition here in Egypt. The first and only question the tattoo artist asked us was “Are you are Christian?” The cross tattoo is not a decorative fashion statement, its a sign of commitment to God.

“To these Copts of both the past and present, cross tattoos have not been a sign of teenage rebellion or fashion forwardness. Instead, they have been enduring reminders of their Christian faith—showing the Copts’ dedication to the One who bore the everlasting scars of mercy, grace, and truth.” Jennifer Johnson, Tattoos of the Cross

OK . . .   it’s also pretty cool. And Wolf was getting one so I didn’t want to be the wimp. So we both jumped into the tattoo booth that is located at the Cave Church and got it done. Now we have something else in common with Coptic Christians everywhere.

.Coptic cross tattoo


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