Maids in Hong Kong

There are almost 300,000 domestic workers (maids) in Hong Kong and almost all of them are from either Indonesia or the Philippines. This morning in Hong Kong I preached at a church for Philippino maids and we had a blast. Yesterday I preached at a church for Indonesian maids. Also a blast. I was the only man at the Indonesian service. Obviously the pastors of these churches are all female.

Both times I told the story of 3 young fishermen who, having decided to follow Jesus, ended up in the house of a prominent religious offical named Jairus (Luke 8:40). You dont have to be wealthy to reach the wealthy. If you know Jesus, you can be the poorest and most vulnerable person you can imagine and you can still impact anyone. In fact, its easy for poor people to minister to others than rich people which is why Jesus recommended voluntary poverty for his trainees (Luke 9, 10). Changing the world involves hanging out with both the poor and the rich. One group needs justice or resources and the other has justice or resources to give. We become the bridge between the two.

Some of the domestic workers I met had experienced a rough time in Hong Kong. Some had been denied their pay. A few volunteers were helping file some paperwork to get some justice but no one professionally trained was there to help. Such a great need.


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