Rapture: Jesus stood us up again.

It's May 21st. Some people were expecting Jesus to come and apparently he stood them up, once again, and left them high and dry on late great planet earth. Maybe the same people who thought he was coming in September 6, 1994, according to an earlier prediction by the same guy.

Hey Harold Camping . . . please don't do that again.

Dang! There goes my plans for starting a used lawn mower business.

Here is an old blog post of mine that I am reposting today in honor of Harold Camping.



rapture painting

Matthew Paul Turner has a collection of the best rapture paintings including some tips on how to make them – like including HEADSTONES. Not bad. In response to MPT, here are what I think are the 3 best ever rapture movie posters:

1 A Thief in the Night, 1972

A Thief in the Night rapture movie

The movie that gave us Larry Norman's "I Wish We'd All Been Ready" theme song and by far the best rapture movie poster. Even better, imho, would have been that scene with lawnmower running all by itself, its operator sucked up suddenly into the heavenlies. Didn't see the movie? Check out a clip here.

2 A Distant Thunder, 1978. 

a distant thunder movie poster

I love that strained look of anxiety on her face. Ahhhh!!!!! It happened, exactly as Hal Lindsey and Tim LaHaye predicted it would. Armageddon outta here!

3 The Prodigal Planet, 1983.

prodigal planet rapture movie

Is that a walkie-talkie or a phone? Whatever it is, something is terribly, terribly, wrong! But nothing wrong, apparently, with the script-writer's eschatology.

RUNNER UP Image of the Beast, 1980.

image of the beast rapture movie.jpg

Why the long face? It's not the end of the world!!


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  • Jim says:

    I just LOVE that their escatalogical theology became based on the possibility of doing delivering sequel… brilliant.

  • Gosh…I’ve seen all of these and your post brings back all the memories…and nightmares!
    A Thief in the Night definitely helped me move toward a believing faith. Yeah, i was scared of being left behind and that was a big motivator.
    But Now my faith is richer, deeper. But each time I see my wife’s clothes on the floor and she’s nowhere to be found, I wonder….
    Red Letter Believers
    Salt and Light

  • I remember “A Thief In The Night”. Saw it as a kid in my church. Still sparks vivid memories.

  • tanya m says:

    Gaaaa….i tried desperately to forget that movie “A Thief in the Night” and i did a good job – until now! all i can remember is fear and those nasty vultures picking on carcasses! Thanks for resurrecting these 🙂

  • Mom says:

    Hey – I loved Thief in the Night. You aren’t poking fun, are you my son?
    (I get the feeling that the other “best rapture paintings” of Turner’s are definitely making fun of Jesus’ promise to return for us someday.)

  • Kirk Bartha says:

    Saw these as a kid one summer at a “Christian drive-in” … not entertaining at all, a bit scary, and no influence whatsoever on my growing eschatological hope.

  • I loved “Thief in the Night”. It was quite good one. I still remember the whole story. It made me beleive in practical life.

  • Jay Pil says:

    Thief in the night is the movie! Bee trying to fid it on Dvd… But did Not succed, anyways nice posters!

  • Hey Andrew,
    When I was a kid my old church showed ‘A Thief In The Night’ as part of an outreach. I sat outside, too embarrassed to watch it.

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