Tallskinnykiwi in Christchurch like . . . this Saturday.

Its really last minute but I am doing an informal meeting tomorrow in earthquake-devasted Christchurch, New Zealand to meet with a few young church and mission leaders who invited me down here. We will meet in someones house which doesn't have running water so use the toilet before you come.

A lot of you have expressed your empathy for the city If you don't live in NZ but have an encouraging message for me to pass on to the leaders here then please leave a comment or send me an email if it is longer. tallskinnykiwi at gmail dot com

If you live in Christchurch and have been reading my blog over the years and just want a tea or coffee or perhaps some pizza, then come over. I don't have a strong message and I don't know why God allowed this earthquake (Christians usually get that one wrong anyway) but I would like to hear some stories of what the people of God are doing and where they think God is leading them as they rebuild the church in this city.

Saturday 7pm, March 12, at Noah and Kates house. Ask for directions.

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