Rob Bell on being something of a universalist

@robbell wasnt sure why he was being denounced by American Christians or why people kept sending him twitter messages saying "Farewell @robbell" because he wasnt going anywhere. And why on earth would a web designer in the north of England be branded a heretic?

Rachel Held Evans interviews the web designer @robbell who was trending worldwide for 2 days regarding his new popularity and his views of heaven and hell. In the interview, @robbell confesses 

"I support the theory that it doesn't matter what you believe in, as long as you are nice to other people and do no harm…which I guess makes me something of a universalist myself."

As for the preacher Rob Bell in USA, "the other Rob Bell", who goes by @realrobbell on twitter, well . . . no one really knows for sure.

What the heck is a Universalist? Read Mark Galli's article.

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  • Nick Watts says:

    Love the humor : )

  • AndrewSD says:

    Getting the right guy on Twitter seems to me to be a bit like that famous scene in Sparticus. It makes me want to open a Twitter account under realsparticus just for the sheer fun of it! May Rob should try the name noreallyIamrobbellhonesttogod. ASD

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