3 Top Albums on our Playlist

Good to see Mumford and Sons win the Best Brit album of the year with Sigh No More. We have been playing it for months on our playlist, along with other favourtie albums.

The Top 3 albums on our family's playlist right now are:

Sigh No More, by Mumford and Sons

The Fray by The Fray

Begin to Hope, by Regina Spektor

Whats playing on yours?


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  • For me its more songs that albums but songwise:
    1. Regina Spektor: Us
    2. Athlete: Street Map
    3. Shekinah Glory-Jaye Thomas
    4. Beautiful, Beautiful-Francesca Battischellie
    5. Twenty Years-Augustana

  • wow, I never thought I’d be able to say my top-3 would consist of Christian music, but here are the 3 most listened CD’s recently in this house:
    Aaron strumpel – elephants
    mewithoutyou – it’s all crazy, it’s all false, etc…
    ‘the ordinary radicals’ soundtrack
    (And also some Chet Baker, some unpronouncably titled CD from Godspeed you black emperor and some flobots, mumford and sons has been a favorite for quite a while but has moved to the background at the moment)

  • 1. Avalanche City – Our New Life Above the Ground
    2. The Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
    3. The Decemberists – The King is Dead

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