Andrew Jones and the Joy of Sex

Recently I was told I was speaking at a Redeemer City to City event in Budapest which freaked me out because I was supposed to be in New York that week. I thought a mistake had been made.

It had. There are 2 guys called Andrew Jones and we are COMPLETELY different.

There is the [other] Andrew Jones from London who pastors a church in Hackney and then there is the Andrew Jones (ME) who used to live in London and who only attended a church in Hackney.

I cannot see why people get us confused! Really!

Also, the [other] Andrew Jones, a missional church leader in his 40’s, is in a formal partnership with the Redeemer City to City network. And then there is me, Andrew Jones, a missional church leader in his 40’s who is only in an informal relational partnership with the Redeemer City to City Network.

Totally different.

And to show you further how different we are. The [other] Andrew Jones, who is not me, not me at all, has a message on Song of Songs called “The Joy of Sex” while me, [the real] Andrew Jones, has a message on the Song of Songs called “Sex That Sizzles” which, although it circulated widely among giggly youth groups across the country, has never made its way into a book. Unlike the other Andrew Jones whose message was fit to print.

That’s not to say that mine was not fit to print because I think it was. More fit to print than Mark Driscoll’s attempt, anyway.

Also, the other Andrew Jones is a tall skinny guy with glasses and I am a tall skinny guy who wishes I could wear glasses so that I could look cool like Rob Bell but have failed to convince my optometrist of what I feel is a GENUINE need.

And finally, just in case you thought it was a case of Fight Club revisited, the other Andrew Jones is a outstandingly handsome man with stunning good looks . . .

while I, the [real] Andrew Jones,  . . .  oh my gosh . . . quite coincidentally, am ALSO an outstandingly handsome man with equally stunning good looks.

Alright. I can see why we get confused!

Ladies and Gentleman, the other, bespectacled, Andrew Jones who I look forward to meeting one day.

And as for the question, “Which Andrew Jones wrote Salvation and a Sex Doll?” Heh heh. Well, I think I will keep you guessing on that one.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


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