Lausanne Day 3: Happenings

I got some sleep last night, turning in around 1am for an early night. I think a lot of people here look better and less tired but maybe thats just me.

Day 3 at Lausanne World Congress in Cape Town. The theme is World Faiths. We saw a video of an Indian believer explaining how 15 members of his family gave their lives over to Jesus when he explained that Jesus was his guru who had saved him from karma.


John Piper gave a message on Ephesians 3 to help us along with our morning's Bible study. I tried to upload the audio for you but the bandwidth here is woefully insufficient and I gave up so that I wouldnt find myself competing for the precious little bandwidth here with the Lausanne team who will post it when they can.


Libby Little told us the story of her husbands death in Agfhanistan in July this year. Tom Little was a medical worker bringing medical supplies and assistance when he and his team of voluteers were murdered. She received a standing ovation as she walked off, but I am not sure she saw it.




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  • Hi Andrew! I found this video from Piper at Lausanne and wondered what you thought of it. I think it is brilliant that he is concerned with united the idea of relieving temporal suffering and eternal suffering. But a little concerned that talking about everlasting suffering like this is quite biblical as I tend to take with say John Stott a more annihilationist viewpoint and do have a bit of sympathy –with universalism as per the Evangelical Universalist – although I can’t quite bring myself to embrace it. Any thoughts?

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