5 Christian T-shirts you won’t see in the Bible Belt

I saw a few T-shirts at the European Christian festivals this year that will probably never make it to the Bible belt of America. Here are 5 of them:

1. Alles geht in Arsch. Jesus bleibt


A rough German translation, and you will have to excuse my awful almost non-existent German,  is . . .  "Everything goes through your bottom, or everything runs its course, but Jesus remains". Nice message. The abiding love of Jesus is so DIFFERENT than this mornings breakfast which is here today and gone the next time you visit the bathroom. Its a great message but don't expect to see it at your local Christian bookstore in Montgomery, Alabama.

2. Babylon Will Fall

Nothing 'Precious Moments" about this T-shirt and probably a little too urban for the Hallmark store in the shopping mall at Franklin, Tennessee, but, actually, not too far removed from some of the American hard-core Christian t-shirts that you might see at Cornerstone Festival in Illinois. Right after this photo, Priscilla received her judgment day in the form of another ear piercing, executed by my wife. But in the photo you can see the other side of her t-shirt.

I should also add that Debbie was being trained to pierce ears by Peter Friesen who was wearing another t-shirt you might like.

3. Shut Up and Pray!

Cool T-shirt, even though it plays off Aerosmith, but probably quite acceptable in the Bible Belt.

4. What Would Jesus NOT Say?

 I saw this t-shirt on a few people at a festival in Germany and I have to admit it took me by surprise. I asked a local to give me an accurate translation of this t-shirt and he said . .  "F____ YOU is something Jesus never said!" . That might hit you as a little strong, but remember that for most Germans, English is a second language, a language sometimes learned at school AND by watching Eddie Murphy movies, and some words that would never be used in an evangelistic presentation in the Bible Belt don't have the same connotations or offense that they might have in the English speaking world. And in this case, the message is clear -  when hurting people came to Jesus, he did not turn them away.

5. Zombie

"I was a Zombie running with the dead, Eph 5:14." A liberal and very contextual translation of the verse, perhaps, but quite the t-shirt.


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