Social enterprise and mission-shaped mission

“Mission-shaped mission” is a phrase that came to mind a few weeks ago. If mission shaped churches no longer resemble traditional churches then mission-shaped mission also will be hard to recognize, since it takes its shape from factors other than the modern missions movement (1791 – 1991).

Some of the most exciting mission projects I have seen [and supported] recently have stayed under the radar. Like the new social enterprises that are run from a Christian base. A good example is the viable social enterprise that my dear friends Shannon Hopkins and Jessica Stricker have been working on and the Boaz Project has been pleased to sponsor in a small way. I won’t pimp it again here because I have raved on and on about Sweet Notions and the way they are creating value out of recycled fashion to help vulnerable women. But I will put up their new video because its just DANG GOOD and fun to watch. Even if you don’t like pink.

Sweet Notions from ilovepinatas on Vimeo.

And you might be interested in the Sweet Notions Boutique Event in London Sep 16th. Ask Shannon for more details.


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  • Yup Yup YUP!! LOVE THEIR STUFF…. and have personally purchased a few goodies at the last event when Jessica and Liz were here! (‘cept Jenna keeps swiping my belt!!) — i need to put this vid up on my blog to spread the love and word up! i was waiting for ya to do it ‘me dear!
    That is a great video –
    See your pasty white &*%$ soon!

  • Andrew.
    Looks like my first attempt didn’t make it through.
    I was interested in the 1991 date. What kind of resources do you know of who nail down that date? Books, etc.? I’d love to delve into this subject a bit more.
    -Rob Karch

  • Hi Rob. I am working from memory here since my library is hundreds of miles away from me but I am pretty sure it was Wilbert Shenk who put those dates on the modern missions movement. maybe it was someone else. internet is not helpful on that one.

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