Recommended Reads and Opportunities

A week without blogging makes one weak. Here is a catch up blog with some recommended links to blog posts and articles and opportunities sent in by readers like you.

Best Read:
A new model Christianity article on emerging church and the creation of “temporary autonomous zones”  – like the festival we attended last week. This article is totally worth a read. Well done Theo Hobson for a superb article and the Guardian for publishing it.

What Matters Now – ebook from Seth Godin (thanks Caleb Crider)
10 megachurches with the most loyal congregations
Is spiritual business a contradiction in terms? (thanks Becky – hope your book Jesus Died For This? does well)
Pete Grieg of 24-7 Prayer has worn out his previous intern and requires a new one.
Curry Kettlecorn (Thanks Johnathan Blundell)
City Impact event in San Francisco starts soon. Go Roger!!
Freakstock Festival July 28 – Aug 1 in Germany. I will be there. I will also be speaking at Connect 2010 in Germany early August. Looking forward to being with Christian Associates. They rock.
Taking Flight book that I mentioned some time ago is now available. Full title: Taking  Flight: Reclaiming the Female Half of God’s Image Through Advocacy and Renewal


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