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David Fitch on Emerging Church Dangers – Tall Skinny Kiwi

David Fitch on Emerging Church Dangers

I just downloaded all 3 of David Fitch’s posts on the emerging church and hope to read them when I get a mo. He attempts to add warning and correction to the thoughts of Alan Hirsch and Mike Frost, Peter Rollins and Brian McLaren.

Nice to see some well thought out critiques. I look forward to reading them. Things are very busy here at SLOT – about 4000 young people and non-stop noise and activity. Love it!


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  • Fitch rules! It must be because he comes up to Canada (the from US) for summer vacation…all that good Canadian fresh air replenishes his brain cells. No. Seriously. I appreciate what he has to say. It is cool to see you also tracking with him, Andrew.
    Michel le québécois (in case this is obscure to some…I live in Québec, the most buuuuuutiful province of Canada).

  • Thanks, Andrew. Fitch has some good material there. I gave some consideration to his critique of Hirsh and Frost. I think in the end the question is whether the radical missiologists are allowed to drive the church forwards in the direction of a new modes of corporate formation, or whether the only way of compensating for their wild-eyed mysticism is to reassert the Christendom model. In the end Fitch seems to me a bit too cautious.

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