Mark Driscoll goes to Haiti

My old friend Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church went to Haiti with James MacDonald. They recorded some footage that I look forward to seeing. Well done Mark! The first video is here on YouTube but I expect much more to come. He also got interviewed by USA Today where he speaks out against the sex-trade.

If you remember back 4 years ago, Chris Seay and Travis Reed put out a deeply moving video a few days after Hurricane Katrina called “Please Dont Make us Sing This Song” and it went viral, stirring up prayer and support around the world for that catastrophe. Hopefully, with all the media folk at Mark’s church, they can do the same thing. Hurry up, dammit!

BTW – I dont think a lot of pastors should fly down to Haiti for a look-ee-loo. But some of them should and they should tell the story well when they come back. Otherwise, they are just taking up space and money.

Also – an email from Emily of International Medical Corps who are doing a great job in Haiti right now. They have a widget that lets you donate $10 really easily.


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  • becky says:

    Thought you might find this debate over at ASBO Jesus of interest …
    My major Q is lack of space for planes to land – from the news accounts some Doctors Without Borders plane can’t even land. Given people are dying, shouldn’t priority given to those planes loaded down with medical supplies and personnel?
    BTW-thanks to John Travolta, the Scientologists are sending down planes with supplies and volunteer ministers to make sure the area’s clear.

  • Denise says:

    While I understand that Christians ought to care for other Christians, I detect an isolationist, skewing of priorities at Churches Helping Churches. To quote MacDonald’s website: “I challenge all thoughtful, biblically-minded Christians to find a single instance of the New Testament church filling the plates of the ‘general population’ poor”. *shivers* To my thinking this is carrying the NT Church As God’s Model to a contrived and harsh extreme.

  • Denise says:

    further thoughts to my previous post: I want to give CHC the benefit of my doubt – I really do. Maybe there’s something about the Church in Haiti that parallels the NT Church? It just seems to me that Haiti is one huge experiment of different religious, social and political agencies laying claim to what will really help this poor, poor nation. Now, in the midst of this catastrophic disaster, is no time for anyone to be “challenging” anyone who’s going to help people who are suffering. I don’t believe CHC represents God’s full heart and manifold wisdom in all of this….but I pray that God’s will be done in Haiti through them also.

  • jeff says:

    yeah travis has created a haiti video and the response has been amazing so far:
    my church used the video last sunday and it created a nice space for prayer and reflection
    PRAY FOR HAITI by The Work of the People
    PRAY FOR HAITI by The Work of the People video embedded:

  • andrew says:

    thanks. travis emailed me and i have a new post with it.

  • Mick Porter says:

    Actually, I know what’s going to happen after Mark Driscoll’s trip down there:
    – He’s going to see that the country’s only hope is to somehow reverse the deforestation and loss of topsoil.
    – He will then repent of every time he’s maligned the tree-hugging hippies.
    – Driscoll will be sighted getting his hair dreadlocked.
    – Mars Hill will host workshops on sustainability by smelly Oregonian hippies.
    – They will help Haiti in setting up water-harvesting earthworks, the establishment of appropriate pioneer tree species, ground cover crops, and eventually food production as the soil health returns.

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