Gospel billboards that fail the test

christian billboard next to boobie bungalow.jpg

Here’s another Christian billboard that really fails the test. Not only is “EXAULTETH” spelt wrong, but the placement was poorly thought out. HT: Interactive Sermon

Some ideas for next time:

christian message billboard


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  • Dreamingbig says:

    For a second there I thought the ‘Boobie Bungalow’ was the outreach project until I remembered our KJV friends . . . 😉

  • Tsk says:

    An outreach like that would surely never happen because we cannot serve two masters. We cannot serve both God and Mammary!

  • Bret says:

    That’s pretty bad…but here in the great state of TX we routinely put out billboards that are deeply inspiring at this kind of level. Like the one south of DFW on I-35 at the exit for the “adult bookstore” which simply and artfully states, “Stop the Porn and Be Reborn!” Classic.

  • Christopher says:

    Why do you think it’s poorly placed?
    Perhaps the church intentionally put it above the Big Jim’s billboard to confront the sinfulness.
    The again… perhaps the church billboard was placed prior to the Big Jim’s ad?
    Grace and peace be with you.

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