Coptic Orthodox Shooting: 7 Dead

The funeral for the six Coptic Orthodox Christians who were shot last week was attended by 5000 people. The shooting happened in a Coptic Orthodox church in Egypt on Jan 6 which is Christmas Eve according to their calender. A Muslim security guard also died in the shooting. We grieve for the senseless loss of both Christians and Muslims in this tragedy and pray peace on Egypt.

UPDATE: Demonstrations in USA

The Egyptian (Coptic means Egyptian) Orthodox Church is one of the oldest streams of Christianity in the world and the church in Egypt represents the largest Christian community in the Middle East. Between 10% and 20% of Egypt’s 80 million people are Christians, the vast majority (95%) belong to the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria. I met with some Coptic Orthodox believers last year at Freakstock Festival, including Bishop Damien who explained the Coptic cross to my daughters. Lovely people, the Copts.


DID U KNOW? Many Copts have their cross tattooed on the inside of their right arm. And no, I didn’t ask Bishop Damien to roll up his sleeve.

RELATED: China’s underground Bishop Leon Yao Liang died on Dec 30, 2009, in at the age of 87. He spent 28 years in prison. Story at Christianity Today and the Cardinal Kung Foundation.


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