I need a new phone

I need a new phone. My motorola (pay as you go) is pushing 5 years old and the “0” numeral has not worked for 6 months, thus making it difficult to call anyone with a zero. MOST of you on Twitter and Facebook recommended an iphone. I was actually thinking about an iphone but they seem sooooooo expensive and i have been too cheap to even buy an ipod.

yes – its true – i have never owned an ipod. I really haven’t been able to justify it, although i was thinking this morning that i could learn languages quicker with an ipod and maybe thats a good reason to buy one.

Anyway, I twittered it an hour ago and have already got two offers – a new Nokia from Johah Bailey in Spain and a Sony Ericson K800i from Shane Tucker in Ireland. Whats the verdict? Any thoughts?


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Rob Grayson says:

    Get an iPhone and kill two birds with one stone (it’s an iPod as well).

  • Jon Harris says:

    I also need a new phone. My iphone just got stolen yesterday – snatched clean right out of my hands in broad daylight. Not sure if that is a reason for you to get one or not get one, if you see what I mean. At least when you do lose an iPhone you don’t lose data – it’s all on my computer via iTunes.

  • There is no doubt that the iphone is an amazing instrument. However, the small memory size would prevent me from considering it to be an ipod replacement. From a utilitarian point of view, I want to keep my entire music library on my ipod. The iphone does have a very large initial cost, but for me the dealbreaker was the large monthly data program charge. The ones I looked at required a $100/month data plan. I went with a Blackberry Curve (with wifi) and am VERY happy with it.

  • jonah says:

    The SE K800i is definitely a superior phone to the Nokia I’m offering Andrew. I’d go with that if I were you!

  • andrew says:

    thanks. i decided to stick with a hand-me down phone from one of my friends and to buy an ipod. the iphone is wonderful but since i work a lot with the poor, occasionally in poor countries, i think it would be too flashy. wouldnt be a problem back in london or san francisco, where we used to live, but it might be a little weird in the places we go.
    bloody expensive, anyway. did you know i sold our one and only car last week for £600 pounds. seems strange to pay almost as much for a phone.
    anyway, thanks everyone for your advice.
    shane – lets talk about that sony ericsson . . .

  • This sounds very sensible. My phone’s a hand me down too. And my zero hasn’t worked properly since I dropped the phone in a cup of coffee. But it got a lot better when I dried it out thoroughly.

  • If you’re any good with electronics, I’ve got a 30Gb 3rd Gen ipod which got a dink on the charging port and won’t charge… you can have it if you think you can get it working.

  • Jamie says:

    Hi Andrew – sounds like a story you should tweet about on http://kept.it/

  • Joe Kennedy says:

    Take the one that you think will last the longest, works wherever you go, and can handle what you and the family will put it through. If Jonah says the SE K800i is better… go that way. Remember, you’re on an adventure. The newfangled contraptions are more likely to break, get lost, or get stolen.
    Okay, I’m done lecturing. You’ve traveled more than I ever will… and you’ve got 20 years on me. Enjoy the new phone. =)

  • Becky says:

    Andrew – I chose a Blackberry Pearl for this reason. It’s small, the data plan is reasonable and I can check email when I travel overseas. Like you, I sometimes travel into poor areas and feel that a few phones look too conspicuous.
    BTW-I am looking into putting a few audio tapes on my Olympus digital recorder (convert from MP3 to WMA) and use that in lieu of an I-pod.

  • Phil says:

    The K800i is a good phone. I had one for 18 months until I was conned into an upgrade… which wasn’t really an upgrade because the new phone’s worse.
    Would love an iPhone but I’m starting to think about a Blackberry. The sooner I can get rid of my current junk the better.

  • brian says:

    andrew would you prefer a blackberry?

  • donnyTop5 says:

    Living in the Pacific Northwest, I can assure you that blackberries are delicious, though difficult to get rid of…

  • Rob says:

    Andrew, what about a Siemens C2-portable? It works great. But there is a little problem with it: It does not fit in a normal pocket! You have to wear really baggy trousers and its kind of heavy to 😉
    enjoy your new phone –

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