Out of Ur is Officially Not Lame

Joe Hernandez of CityTeam emailed me something he read on Christianity Today’s site about their blog Out of Ur which came very close to top in a recent list of top church blogs.

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Did I really call their early attempt at blogging “lame”?

Yes, I did, Their first blog was a clearing house for articles and was nothing at all like what a blog should be. The Out Of Ur blog changed all that. It was quick to respond to current controversies and stories, with plenty of scope to comment and participate. And it always had great graphics. Its probably the best Christian blog in the USA.

There’s a lot of stuff each day from CT and the best way to keep up with it all is to throw some relevant CT RSS feeds into your reader. Some of my articles on Christianity today include What Did You Go Out To See? and Lie is Beautiful.

As for Google ranking, Coffee Shop Journal reminded me of some of my earlier thoughts on coming first [or not].

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    If you’re talking about Ted Olsen’s weblog, you’re obviously smoking something. Ted’s weblog was one of the most popular items on the site. Maybe you should learn how to bog

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