Moving Feeds from Feedburner to Google

Everyone who has Feedburner looking after their feeds has to move to Google by Feb. 27. I am doing the big move today. Apparently, the scariest thing is watching the subscriber numbers plummet and then rise again. So if that number on the right goes from 3339 to 0, you will know why. Anyone else moved already?

I found encouragement from Google FAQ and from Michael at Pro Blog Design. Thanks. Lets see how it goes.

UPDATE: Nightmare – Google Adsense has locked me out and I cant get back in. They sent me an automessage to tell me to reset my password but i have done that 2x already today. I used to access my Google adsense through Feedburner but I cant get back into Feedburner anymore because Google has taken over. Bummer. Between a rock and a hard place.

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  • chad says:

    I moved mine last week and noticed around a 50% drop and they slowly came back up. It was frightening for me and I know I don’t have the subscribers you do…

  • jason says:

    thanks for the heads up, just moved mine

  • Funny story. I moved mine right after I posted a piece that was not-too-flattering of George Bush. Didn’t know anything about the bug at the time. The next morning, I lost about half my subscribers. Thought to myself, “Wow. All those approval ratings must be totally off!”
    Just starting to get my subscribers back this morning…about two weeks after the switch.
    Good luck.
    Grace and Peace,

  • Jordon says:

    Mine was a seemless transition. No reduction in users. Nothing was out of sort.

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