CompassionART and Mr and Mrs Smith

So we wanted to watch a movie last night and my kids chose “Mr and Mrs Smith” which was coming on TV at 8pm. [Yeah – I was too stingy to rent a video]. When the movie started, it didn’t look anything at all like the movie we were expecting with Brad and Angelina but instead there was this other couple sitting on a couch. And I said to my kids,

“Hey – I know that guy with the scruffy hair and peapod eyes. We met in Sheffield. He’s a musician and his name is Martin Smith. He had a band called Delirious!” [He probably still does but I don’t keep up on the Christian music scene very much]

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And then there were other people that I recognized on the show and in fact, the house they were filming in was the same house we were staying at last year – The House of Cantle in Scotland, owned by my friend Jim McNeish, who was also in the show. And my kids are like “Hey . . . we were there. I was like soooo sitting there!”

Anyway, kinda fun for us all to reminisce over our fabulous time at Cantle last year. Come to think of it, Jim was telling me about some some songwriters who had just gathered there before us to produce some music for charity. CompassionART, to be exact. Haven’t heard the music yet but the cause sounds good. Looks like you can order the music here.

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Since we are talking about Cantle, I had a quiet time of reflection there and wrote some poetry.


Tip: If you want to attend a retreat at the famous House of Cantle, make sure you do’nt go on a week where there are a dozen noisy musicians making a racket and disturbing the peace.

I might rent a movie today – maybe the real “Mr and Mrs Smith”

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  • Steve K. says:

    Martin Smith is an interesting guy. He seems to be really investing a lot in this CompassionART initiative, which has looped in a number of big names from the CCM industry (i.e., Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, tobyMac, Graham Kendrick, Chris Tomlin, Darlene Zschech, etc.).
    It was recently announced that Smith would be a featured speaker at Sojourners “Mobilization to End Poverty” gathering in Washington, D.C., in April (although he hasn’t been added to the site yet):
    BTW — Delirious announced last August that they would be “taking a break from recording and touring after 2009 … Delirious? will keep its commitments through 2009 …” So you might want to find them somewhere out there on tour this year, if you can cross paths as you are making your own journeys. This “hiatus” was brought on by Smith’s request “to be released from the band” to focus on his family and CompassionART:

  • andrew says:

    yeah – that was the group of musos that were there at Cantle. Thanks Steve.

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