New Macs

Like all true Mac fans I am following the announcements at Apple HQ about the new macs. Not buying one, though, no matter how sexy! I am watching it live at Engadget


And you may remember Dave Walker’s perceptive cartoon of the emerging church


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  • My son just started his first year at University. The school he attends recommends Apple Mac’s. The degree he is studying requires Apple MacBook Pro’s. The first class students new to the program is specifically designed to teach students the basics of their MacBook Pro hardware/software.
    On day one of that class 57 students sat down in a room like the one pictured in your post and opened their laptops.
    The professor began to introduce himself but then paused, looking to his right and two rows up, he said, “Is that a PC?”
    Sure enough, one kid didn’t get the message. I wonder how long that kid would have sat in a class to learn about Apple software before figuring out he was different?

  • I was told a few years ago, I couldn’t be emergent cause I own a PC – so that sealed the deal for me. Here I thought I was the woman thingee but I’m just wired wrong.

  • i think it more of an arts+wealth thing. we live in rich countries, even though I still cant afford my first iPod.
    I was reminded recently by a friend [who is also Mac] that the MAC computer share in the global market is still only about 5%
    So the global emerging church is far and away still PC and not Mac. That is, if they are privileged enough to have access to a computer – which most probably do not unless they live in the Western world.

  • I’ve been saving for months and just ordered the new Macbook. Kind of exciting. I’ve never, EVER owned a piece of tech that was hot & new on the market. This is first Mac too!

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